Do you have thousands of pounds of income on your roof? Solar PV Equity Release allows you to release a cash lump sum in 14 days rather than waiting years for your Feed-in-Tariff to cover the costs of your investment. We offer homeowner with Solar PV an oppurtunity to transfer their Feed-in-Tariff in exchange for a cash lump sum, remote monitoring & replacement inverter.

Join the UK’s largest and most effective Solar PV Project. We want to purchase your Feed-in-Tariff generation, in exchange we will optimise your system and pay you a cash lump sum. This supports our investors’ low carbon fund and you benefit from maximum generation of free electricity with remote monitoring protection.

Customer benefits with Ignite’s Solar PV Equity Release:
100% of generated electricity is free to you
100% peace of mind no unexpected costs
100% freedom to change energy supplier
Free inverter replacement included

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