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Do you need a new free oil boiler? Or a new free LPG boiler? Take our 30 second online application and find out in seconds if you could qualify today.
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Free Oil Boilers & Free LPG Boilers

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The way that it works


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a Government-backed plan designed to help low-earning families and individuals, to lower their fuel bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Funding can be obtained for families and individuals. Whether you are the home owner, private tenant or if someone lives with you permanently and is claiming qualifying benefits or tax credits. Also by meeting the criteria we are able to offer boiler grants for pensioners, this is part of a scheme to provide grants for pensioners home improvements.


So how can we help?


Since 2012, the governments ECO scheme has helped more than 250,000 households to have a free boiler replacement or insulation measures fitted. Our network of approved installers are vetted to make sure they provide the very best of customer support and also have all of the necessary accreditations to operate underneath the scheme. For qualifying applicants obtaining a grant is free of charge. This is a great help and saves money as new boiler replacements can be rather costly depending on the type of boiler you currently have, for example a free oil boiler replacement can cost a few thousand pounds. We complete all of the paperwork for you. Once you have applied there is no obligation to go ahead with the improvements if you decide not to. However regardless of your boiler type we are sure we can help to those who meet the criteria requirements we can provide free gas boilers, free oil boiler, free LPG boiler and even free electric storage heaters (ESH) as well as solar panels and more.


What’s next?


After applying on line, we will contact you in order to arrange a suitable time for one of our surveyors to visit you. We will talk you through the process and complete the necessary paperwork. During the process we will ensure that you are in receipt of the correct benefits. Please check the criteria.


Don’t delay, apply today. Remember this is a totally free process for qualifying applicants and your chance to receive your new:


Free Oil boiler replacement

Free LPG boiler replacement


If you have any questions or need any advise please don’t hesitate to call. One of our experts is on hand to deal with your enquiry. You could have your new boiler fitted within a matter of weeks.


Free Boiler Installation


Read more about the government free boilers scheme here.